Hey! My name is Taylor and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m a 20-something newlywed, living in Oklahoma, and the blogger behind Baja to Bar-B-Que. I write, cook and take (terrible) pictures of my delicious food. I created this blog as a place to share my favorite recipes, and occasionally my adventures as a newlywed and west coast transplant. I have no formal culinary training, but a degree in English and a love of food. I enjoy experimenting with new flavors and recipes at home. Born and raised in Southern California, I moved half-way across the country at 18 to attend the University of Oklahoma. My sophomore year I met a boy at a toga party, and 5 years later we married. He was born and raised in Oklahoma and Texas, so the recipes in our home reflect those influences. I hope this blog will become a source of easy, flavorful meals for you and your loved ones! From California Baja, to Texas Bar-B-Que, and everything in between, we love trying new recipes (and repeating old favorites). Whether you’re looking for something fast for after work, or to wow friends on a Saturday night, you can find it here. So let’s get busy making dinner and memories along the way!


Where I grew up.                                                Where I Live. 

They’re both beautiful in their own way. 

Fun Facts About Me!

  1. I’m deaf in my left ear. It has it’s pro’s and con’s. Pro: I can muffle the sound of my husband’s snoring. Con: Marco Polo was a cruel joke as a child.
  2. I could eat only Mexican food for the rest of my life and die a happy woman
  3. I’ve never cried over spilled milk, but I’ve cried over wasted cheese. Twice.
  4. I spend my free time cooking, reading, and looking at puppy gifs online. Unless it’s football season. Then you’ll find us glued to the television.